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Q: What happens if my vanity arrives damaged?

Shipping damage can be very frustrating and upsetting.  Specially considering that remodeling and construction projects are often on a schedule and delays are costly.

Parts do get damaged during shipping at times. All our vanities are shipped directly form the manufacturer’s warehouses. All retailers, online or brick and mortar stores, have to use the same distribution channel. The packaging is all done at the manufacture’s warehouse.

The most important steps you can do to accelerate replacement of broken parts are:

  • Inspect everything at delivery, while the driver is still there.
  • If the driver refuses to allow time for inspection, make a note on the delivery paperwork by writing DAMAGED.  This is really important to get insurance to cover any problems.
  • Take photos of the damages on the box, including photos that show the batch number.  This is required by all suppliers and is proof positive of your claim.

Once you notice damage in any of the parts, you will need to contact Modern Bath House ( with a description of the problem and photos.

Our dedicated team will communicate with the supplier and advocate for a speedy solution on your behalf. The solutions offered vary depending on the problem. In the past, I have found our suppliers always made an effort to accommodate a solution that suited the customer.

It is upsetting have broken and damaged items delivered, we are proud to always end up with satisfied customers.  We consider every purchase important and I will work with or customers step of the way. 


Q: Modern Bath House or Home Depot?

All retailers, online or brick and mortar stores, have to use the same US distributor for each vanity brand offered. Orders are shipped directly from the distributor’s warehouses to your house. Shipping this way helps reduce shipping costs and diminish transit and manipulation of the packed vanities, thus reducing shipping damage incidents.

Big box stores carry a limited selection and inventory of bathroom vanities. A lot of times, at the time of purchase, the stores will order form the supplier, who will ship from the supplier’s warehouse directly to your house. Just like us. We all have the same wholesale agreement with suppliers.

We differ because we specialize in bathroom vanities. We are a family owned business, with our reputation on the line for every single order. We have an excellent and personal relationship with all our suppliers.

We take customer service very seriously. We will personally monitor every order, pre-order, shipment and respond to questions and possible customer issue.

Additionally, because we are online only, our lower overhead costs allow us to revert savings to you, the customer. We are happy to compete for price (and win) as well as offer frequent discounts. We also always ship for free.

Modern Bath House provides personalized customer service and extraordinary value.


Q: The vanity I want is out-of-stock. Why should I pre-order?

We encourage customers to pre-order items to protect themselves from additional inventory shortages. When a supplier receives stock, the pre-orders are filled immediately in the order they arrived. There are occasions when re-stocking will sell out again only on filling pre-orders. This is especially true for popular vanities such as the Fresca Allier and Virtu USA Caroline lines.

Our suppliers are very conservative in their shipment estimates, oftentimes shipping earlier than promised.

We also receive frequent updates on the estimated arrival dates for out-of-stock products, thus allowing us to closely monitor any changes. We have a policy of complete transparency when it comes to these estimates and will let the customer know if we see a discrepancy.

Very rarely the supplier will not have an estimated shipping date. This means the vanity is under production and could take 4 to 8 weeks to arrive.  In these cases we still accept pre-orders. Normally, within a couple of weeks, there will be a more concrete estimate. 


Q: How to care for Carrara Marble

Spills should be cleaned immediately with warm soapy water. Avoid leaving excessive moisture on these surfaces. Always wipe spills immediately and towel dry after cleaning. You can clean the marble with a marble cleaner or warm water and soapy water. Avoid abrasive cleaners and brushes that may scratch surface. Avoid chlorine based cleaners, acids. Marble should be sealed every 1-2 years.

Removing a stain:

A poultice comes in handy when you have to clear stains from marble. While various poultices are commercially available, you may want to make one yourself. 

What you need:

-     ½ baking soda

-     Warm water

-     Soft cloth

-     Bowl

-     Plastic wrap

-     Tape


 Place ½ a cup of baking soda in a bowl. Add enough warm water to create a thick paste. Mix the contents until you have a thick paste. 

Spread the paste onto the stain and cover with a plastic wrap. Secure the wrap with masking tape.

Allow the poultice to draw the stain out overnight. Remove the poultice and rinse the counter with warm water and wipe dry. Use a damp cloth to wipe acidic spills as soon as they occur. This helps to prevent infiltration of the liquid into the granite which causes stains.