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​ Pre-Order status items

Most likely these items are very popular, and if you want the particular style it’d be best to pre-order. The date that you see on the availability section of the product page is the ETA(estimated time of arrival) to the warehouse. When the item a

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Top 5 Standing Double Vanities

1) Fresca Allier 60"The Fresca Allier 60" modern bathroom vanity set includes a large mirror, and two free faucets of your choosing. It is constructed of engineered wood, and professionally sealed to prevent moisture. The counter-top is made

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Purchasing a Fresca Vanity Worry Free!

Fresca vanities are truly high quality modern bathroom vanities. All of our customers have been very happy with their purchases because their expectations were met when they received their vanities. Keep in mind that when we send out $1000-$3000 doll

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Modern Bath House

We care about our customers, and take care of any problems regardless of losing profit. To be straightforward with our customers, we are first and foremost a retailer for bathroom products - specifically for modern bathroom vanities. The feature that

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About Us

Modern Bath House is a place where designers, and homeowners select the necessary components to create a unique atmosphere in their bathrooms. We offer a wide selection of bathroom faucets, toilets, shower heads, and beautiful bathroom vaniti

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